Sacred Sound + Shamanic Ceremony Detox Juice Fasting Retreat

Our extraordinary three-day Sacred Sound + Shamanic Ceremony Detox Retreat includes:
  • Two-Nights Accommodations at Hot Springs Resort
  • Three Yoga Sessions
  • Two Restorative Yoga Sessions
  • Two Meditation Sessions
  • Live Concert with Alexia Chellun Tuesday March 24, 8pm
  • New Moon Hot Springs Sound Bath with Audrey Feys Tuesday March 24, 10pm
  • Fresh squeezed juices, superfoods, herbal elixirs, teas, healing soup broths
  • Unlimited use of Mineral Pools, Steam and Hot Springs

Options to add:

  • Shamanic Plant Medicine Ceremony with Shaman Munay Wednesday March 25, 8pm  ($350)

If you can't attend the entire Retreat, you can attend the following only:

  • Live Concert with Alexia Chellun Tuesday March 24, 8pm  ($60)
  • New Moon Hot Springs Sound Bath Tuesday March 24, 10pm ($40)
  • Both Live Concert AND New Moon Sound Bath ($80)

This Shamanic Ceremony + Sacred Sound Detox Retreat will take you deep into who you are, heal your mind and body, and invigorate your spirit!

The Retreat:
Get ready to feel your best! AZ I AM's 3-day Juice + Soup Cleanse, with added Elixirs and Superfoods combined with Yoga, Sound, Plant Medicine, Ceremony, Mind-Body re-wiring, Community and Healing Hot Springs will guide you effortlessly to your truest self.

The Destination:
We are hosting our Retreat at the O Spa in Desert Hot Springs. Known as America's Spa City, Desert Hot Springs is l
ocated in California's Coachella Valley, Desert Hot Springs is surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains to the South, the San Bernardino Mountains to the Northwest and Joshua Tree National Park to the East. Our hotel is located near the source of the hot springs, mineral-rich aquifer well, with two healing pools filled with hot mineral water. For centuries this odorless and mineral-rich water is believed to hold curative powers.


Shaman Munay: Keith Munay is a dynamic combination of Shaman, Mystic, Yogi, Seer, and Medicine Man, serving as a bridge to unify ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science, assisting others to live  more connected, richer, fuller lives.

Keith has received the honor of being initiated as an Earth Keeper into several ancient wisdom traditions, to include those of the Q’ero Shamans of the South American Andes, the Bönpo Lineage of Tibet, and the Pygmy and the Bwiti Religions of West Africa.

Keith combines these ancient wisdom teachings with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, movement, meditation and neuroscience, to assist people in the realization of excellence. He is a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and Veteran Officer of the United States Army. He lives in Malibu, California, and loves yoga, fitness, surfing, and connecting with the land, particularly the ocean.

Alexia Chellun: Trust. No plans for the future. Go with the flow. Not exactly catch phrases for today’s calculating, media savvy and self-promoting generation of musical artists, but a way of life for singer-songwriter Alexia Chellun. Eight albums into a productive 12 year journey, she has ridden her wave of trusting and practicing life from a different angle into an entirely new recording experience that has yielded her latest EP, Who Am I?

Throughout her song-writing, Chellun exhibits a unique melodic pop sensibility combined with lyrical themes that examine the human race, consciousness, and awareness. She makes an unarguable point when she says “Oneness has no genre.” In addition to her yogic and multi-cultural folk influences, Chellun has been drawn to a wide spectrum of artists including Tracy Chapman, Cat Stevens, Indigo Girls, Simon And Garfunkel, Dar Williams, and even Jon Bon Jovi! But for the last few years Chellun has been “listening” to life as opposed to what’s in her iTunes library, which is evident in her latest release, Who Am I?


The Dates:

March 24-26, 2020

March 24th, 8pm - Alexia Chellun Live Concert

March 24th, 10pm - New Moon Aqua Sound Bath



Single: Queen or King

Double: Shared Queen or King (each attendee needs to sign up separately)

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