Gemstone Singing Bowl Practitioner Starter Kit


Crystal Explorer Singing Bowl Practitioner Kit

Crystal Singing Bowls are produced in a multitude of forms, each one unique and remarkable. The ideal way to understand the differences and similarities between these styles of bowls is to explore and experience them.

The styles of Crystal Singing Bowls included in this set are Empyrean, Clear, Featherlight, One-Piece Hollow Handle, and an 8" Gemstone Fusion Empyrean.

This set also includes a variety of crystal tools to compare with the many styles of crystal bowls.

This kit includes:

8" Perfect Pitch A Note Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl (Sound)
8" Perfect Pitch D Note Clear Crystal Singing Bowl (Sound 2)
8" Perfect Pitch B Note Featherlight Crystal Singing Bowl (Sound 3)
5" Perfect Pitch B Note One-Piece Hollow Handle Crystal Singing Bowl (Sound 4)
8" Perfect Pitch C# Note Blue Kyanite Fusion Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl (Sound 5)


Small, Medium, and Large Crystal Vibes Premium Silicone O-rings

Lollipop Chopstick Rubber Wood Crystal Singing Bowl Striker Tool #mcr1

Crystal Vibes Premium Hollow Crystal Silicone Crystal Singing Bowl Striker Tool #mcsi4

Rubber Wood Crystal Singing Bowl Striker #RW1S


Each bowl comes with a carry case for safe storage and easy transportation. 

Each bowl also includes a free suede-wrapped striker and rubber o-ring base.

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