Dream State Astral Travel


"Dearly Beloved We are gathered here today to do this thing called life" ~ Prince

Join Dream Weaver, Apollonia Keys Martinez and AZ I AM for a journey into Dream State and astral travel through the cosmos, quantum leaping into a new reality.  

Apollonia will guide you to tap into your creative gifts on this immersive meditation experience accompanied with an experiential sound science attunement that collectively raises your frequency, resets your nervous system and opens your imagination to see your future self.  Weaving sacred ceremonial practices, quantum healing, heart focused breathing, sacred geometry, soul gazing and envisioning exercises reunite with your ancestors, guides, angelic realms and universal races as we reflect on your life's purpose and reclaim your dream. 

Unlock the sacred codes that configure your uniquely creative gifts while meeting your multidimensional higher self, using this portal to the metaphysical world of limitless possibilities and accessing divine intelligence. 

The evening will begin with a resin cleansing, a sacred heart opening cacao ceremony, a channeled live performance piece by multi disciplinary creative Oriel Poole followed by high vibe movement. 

End the evening with a visual display and Synchronistic Story of the Soul by Alanna Zabel, creating a conversation with our cosmic community, connecting with the Dream Weavers, all the while sharing a delicious vegan meal and birthday celebration aboard and beyond the AZ I AM galactic vessel.

Alanna is the founder of AZ I AM, the author of As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality and Meaningful Coincidence: Synchronistic Stories of the Soul.

Dream State Astral Travel Meditation - "A cosmic trip"
The concept was born in Tulum, Mexico and inspired by  Apollonia Keys - Lifestyle & Brand Reinvention Specialist. Her belief is, DREAMS can come true if you learn to practice the magic of imagination. She weaves the art & science of the metaphysical and material world using a variety of multi-dimensional practices and healing arts. Apollonia Keys is a universal lifestyle & brand reinvention specialist who has guided private and corporate clients to tap into their creative and gifts, learning to materialize their desires in real life using tangible, practical practices.

Undercover Dream an elevated self care brand will be available for purchase following the event

Attire: Cosmic Gypset Chic . Pre order pieces for event by Laurel Street Drip 
Inspo - Gold/Purple/Royal Blue
  • Single Event with Meal: $111
  • Single Event without Meal $88
~ Sacred Cacao Ceremony
~ Guided Astral Travel Meditation
~ Light Musical Performance 
~ Dream Visual Projection
~ Synchro Satsang
~ 2-course vegan meal 

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