One Day Detox Retreat

AZIAM has partnered with several local businesses in Santa Monica, CA to create a powerful monthly One Day Detox Retreat. Each morning begins with our fresh-squeezed organic juice blended into a superfood smoothie followed by an invigorating hike in the Santa Monica mountains (at Mandeville Canyon). From there we head to the AZIAM Yoga Studio for our detox elixir and detox yoga class session. Afterwards we'll meditate and apply thoughtful, positive mind enhancing techniques. After class enjoy another wholesome and healthy, organic juice - then you are off to the spa for a few hours of relaxation, sauna, steam and more. Return to AZIAM Yoga for a delicious detox soup. We'll head back inside for Restorative HypnoYoga and I AM Meditation sessions to seal the perfect day yoga retreat.

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