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Shamanic Ceremony with Keith Munay


Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony:

Ayahuasca is a sacred plant medicine that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous cultures throughout the world, and more recently mestizo shamans across the upper Amazon River Basin throughout Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.  Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind with archeological evidence that it has been practiced all over the world for at least 70,000 years. Shamanism is not a religion, but a method for making transpersonal connection with the sacred realms. It’s at the epicenter of a new cycle of spirituality – one where there is no need for a priest, prophet or guru standing between you and your experience of the divine. Each person becomes their own priest, their own guru, receiving revelations from within themselves and higher transpersonal sources.

Ayahuasca shamanism has been practiced in these traditional cultures for thousands of years. These sacred practices have been passed down through tribal lineages and bloodlines for at least this length of time. The shamans of tribes and villages are in part medical doctor, healer, as well as the keeper of knowledge. It is this knowledge that awards them the status, rights, and responsibility of their practice. 

When used in the proper set and setting, sacred plant medicines can correctly address all kinds of ailments including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forms of sickness. They are also used to rebalance disharmonious patterns within you and in your life in order to bring you to a state of balance and harmony.

Potential benefits include:

Healing and optimization of the physical body, from eradicating disease to returning the body to a harmonious state

Cultivation and/or enhancement of personal meditation or awareness practices. Mastery of the Mind/Self Mastery

Experiencing deeper and more intimate connection with Life and all that life encompasses – Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, Heart, Nature, Plants, Animals, Relationships, Sexuality, Creativity, Personal and Collective Mission and Purpose.

A catalyst for creativity and a powerful tool for transformation and spiritual growth

Deepening of Tribe and Community and a greater sense of belonging to being a part of something greater than the Individual Ego Mind

About Our Facilitator:

Keith Munay has been described as a spiritual anomaly by his peers. He is a dynamic combination of Shaman, Mystic, Yogi, Seer, and Medicine Man…. One who is able to walk between the physical realms and the energetic realms, serving as a bridge to unify ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science…and assisting others to live more connected, richer, fuller lives. 

Throughout the ages, secret societies of Medicine men and Women carefully guarded their ancient wisdom teachings and acted as stewards of nature. These “Earth Keepers” existed in many nations and were called by many names. Keith has received the honor of being initiated as an Earth Keeper into several of these ancient wisdom traditions, to include those of the Q’ero Shamans of the South American Andes, the Bönpo Lineage of Tibet, and the Pygmy and the Bwiti Religions of West Africa. He has devoted his life to the consistent mastery practice of a diverse variety of healing and spiritual traditions, to include Shamanic Energy Medicine, Vegetelismo (Healing with Master Teacher Plants) Ashtanga Yoga, Sound Healing, Native American Wisdom Teachings, and the Human Design System.

Keith combines these ancient wisdom teachings with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, movement, meditation and neuroscience, to assist people in the realization of excellence on all levels…Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit. 

He was trained through the Four Winds Light Body School, the word’s most renowned school of energy medicine, along with several other systems of working with the organizing principles of nature and energy to facilitate healing and peak performance. He is an accomplished musician and adept ceremonial leader, employing the ancient technologies of the Medicine Wheel as a profound teaching system to help himself and others cultivate sacred reciprocity with nature and life. 

Keith experienced multiple near-deaths in his life, which catalyzed his visionary and healing gifts as well as his desire to live life to the fullest and assist others in doing the same. In healing his own soul wounds, Keith walked the path of the wounded healer and learned to transform old pain, grief, anger, guilt, shame and ignorance into sources of strength and compassion.

Keith is an Ordained Minister through the Center Soulful Living, Yoga Alliance 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and Veteran Officer of the United States Army. He competed as a professional triathlete for several years and as a member of the World Military Triathlon Team. He lives in Malibu, California, and loves yoga, fitness, surfing, and connecting with the land, particularly the ocean.


It is important that we maintain confidentiality for everyone involved in this work. Please do not speak of this work outside this circle or mention the names of the facilitators, organizers, participants, or the location where we do this work. If you have contacts who are very interested in this work, please email the organizer with their name and contact information and we will contact them.



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