The Dharma Zone © : 21-day Yoga, Meditation + Detox Retreat (Online)

$299 $595

There is no greater time than right now, with all of us locked down in our homes to dive deep within yourself. We will guide you into silence, anti-inflammatory processes and nutrition, calming and clarifying yoga + meditation, guided walks (inside or outside), journalling, self-care and a community to support your inward journey.

AZ I AM provides a powerfully transformative program (The Dharma Zone) during a powerfully transformative time in history. This is a rich, three-week program that we are offering during these critical times of transformation for only $299! We hope you take advantage of this direct guidance and wellness community program, together we are making a change!

Your facilitators:

Alanna Zabel, Soul Lorain, Shira Shares, Michael Bradley, Shaman Bonku, Guy Douglas, Alexia Chellun and Ecstatic Dance LA!

AZ I AM's 21-Day Dharma Zone Retreat includes:

  • One copy of As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality
  • 21 Dharma Zone AM Meditations
  • Daily Guided Walks with Inspiration
  • Daily Yoga
  • Daily Meditation + Sound Healing (live streamed)
  • Daily Guided Mirror Theory Journaling (live streamed)
  • Daily Recipes for Fresh squeezed juices, herbal elixirs, teas, healing soup broths + salads
  • Daily Self Care
  • Daily Guidance, Inspiration and Coaching from over 15 Wellness Experts!
  • Dharma Box full of detox delights delivered right to your home!

Discover who you are, undisturbed, unforced, as you are!

Week 1: Create

Week 2: Be

Week 3: Reveal

Our intelligent mind-body re-wiring program, coupled with silence, community and healing practices will align you with your truest self. We are committed to guiding you through this journey.

The Home Destination:

We are hosting our Retreat online. Please be comfortable and undisturbed as best that you can, but don't worry about life - we are working with your home environment and that is where our greatest work lies. We will use the magic of stillness and non-reactivity, guiding you deeper into those spaces, to discover YOU at your truest essence.


The Dates:

March 6 - 26, 2021


Retail: $595

Covid Sale: $299

Repeat Dharma Zone Retreater: $199

"Alanna Zabel is a gifted and inspirational teacher, and As I Am is a practical and gentle guide to help people realize their fullest potential. By following "The Dharma Zone," a 21-day program full of daily practices, readers will find the much-needed space within themselves to live truthfully and in harmony."

~ Mary Bemis, Founder, Organic Spa Magazine


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