Crystal Singing Bowl Set (3 pc)

$425 $555
Crystal Singing Bowl Set (3 pc) 432 hz OR 440 hz

This kit includes everything necessary to begin the journey with Crystal Singing Bowls. A 3-bowl harmonized set includes 3 notes which compliment each other to produce a rich sound.

The 3 bowls can be "nested" within each other so that they all fit into the Medium Carry Case for safe and easy transportation.

The variety of tools include rubber and suede strikers. Each has a unique feel and handling with the frosted crystal singing bowls.

This Kit includes:

- 8" A Note Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
- 10" F Note Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl
- 12" C Note Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

- 9-12" Medium Purple Liner Carry Case
- Small and Medium Silicone O-rings
- Lollipop Chopstick Rubber Wood Crystal Singing Bowl Striker Tool
- Suede Crystal Singing Bowl Activation Mallet

Each bowl comes with a free suede-wrapped striker and black rubber o-ring base.

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