Welcome to the AZ I AM Yoga Goddess Tribe!
It's time to share your lifestyle with friends, family and pretty much the world!
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As an AZ I AM brand ambassador, your goal will be using your own personal social media accounts to show your followers how AZ I AM has made a positive impact in your life. You will be given a personalized promotional code that your followers can use on our site to receive discounted pricing on their orders. 
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There are no limits or requirements for how many times you post per day, week, month or year, but driving your followers to our brand will deliver you rewards! Here are some breakdowns to get you started:

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Level 1:


Sales: Up to $500


  • Personalized promo code for your friends and family: (YourName)10
  • 10% lifetime discount for personal shopping

- - -

Level 2:


Sales $500 - $2,000


  • $100 shopping spree
  • 15% lifetime discount for personal shopping

- - -

Level 3:


Sales: $2,000 - $5,000


  • $100 shopping spree
  • 20% lifetime discount for personal shopping
  • Monthly opportunity to win additional prizes

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Level 4:


Sales: $5,000+


  • $300 shopping spree
  • 10% commission paid on your sales

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Don't forget that you are working on a team. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Network and reach out to other AZ I AM Ambassadors and work on strategies to benefit your efforts!

Make sure to include when posting the following:

  • Tags: @aziamyoga
  • Hashtags: #AZIAM #StudioToStreet #ModernGoddess #AZIAMGoddess
  • Captions: Here are 3 variations of what you can post...
    • I have joined @aziamyoga Goddess Tribe! I am so excited I get to share my 10% off code with you: NAME10. Go get your Goddess on! #AZIAM #StudioToStreet #ModernGoddess
    • You’re looking at the newest Goddess for @aziamyoga ! Now you can get in on the fun with 10% off when you use my code: NAME10. Can’t wait to see your outfits Sisters! #AZIAM #StudioToStreet #ModernGoddess
    • I resonate with @aziamyoga and their #LiveTrue message so much I’ve become part of the team! Now, I’m the newest member of the Goddess Tribe! Best part is I get to share 10% off with you. Just use code: NAME10. Happy shopping! #AZIAM #StudioToStreet #ModernGoddess

ATTN: If we feel that you are taking advantage of your personal discount, not following the program's protocol and/or your code has been inactive for over 60 days, AZIAM, Inc. reserves the right to revoke your promo code with warning and terminate your identity as an AZ I AM rep.

MUST be at least 18 years of age to participate!

To sign up and/or if you are having trouble with your promo code please email: info@aziam.com