Writing Yoga Retreat


Join AZ I AM and Alanna Zabel for our deeply healing and creatively productive Women's Writing Yoga Retreat. Our objectives serve to mentor and build community among budding and prolific writers. Give yourself the time and space to commit to a program, fuel your spirit with inspiration, dive into creativity boosting exercises, self-care, and wellness. The result is potentially a finished manuscript, proposal or completed literary work. Optional readings, writing circles, and informal social gatherings may be available during the retreat, depending on the group and stage of each project.

Through this Retreat, AZ I AM will provide a safe and supportive environment that identifies and addresses the unique challenges faced by emerging writers or even experienced writers with full schedules, families, and other hobbies or jobs taking time away from completing a writing project.

Our Writer's Yoga Retreat takes place from Friday to Sunday, every second weekend of the month.

Your Wellness Excursion includes:

  • Daily Writing Sessions
  • Daily Master Class for Inspiration
  • Daily Inspirational Walks
  • Daily Creative Relaxation + Creative Meditation
  • Daily Yoga and Sound Healing
  • Sauna + Cold Plunge
  • Healthy Meals
  • Discounted Wellness Treatments (Massage, Reiki, Private Stretch)

The Writer's Yoga Retreat: Ready to finish your creative writing project?! AZ I AM's 3-day Retreat will give you the time and space to focus on your project, while cleansing and algining your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Experienced Leadership:

Innovative and visionary AZ I AM founder and author, Alanna Zabel, has been leading Retreats for 30 years. She is passionate about memoir, creative writing and film/TV adaptations. You are embarking on this journey with an absolute pro who believes in balance and moderation, while implementing structure and protocol for deep healing, inspiration and overall wellness.

Our wonderful leadership, program, and community will help to align you with your truest self - we're committed to guiding you through this journey!

This Retreat will have optional opportunities to share your concepts and work with our group, but please be mindful that this Retreat offers you the time and space to do the work; to write. :)

Intimate Experience:

We are hosting this intimate retreat in Santa Monica, CA for only 6 people each retreat to immerse into a create program to not only nurture your projects and concepts, but to expand your specific healing needs. Take time to connect with your truest self, nurture your body, heart, mind and soul.

Itinerary will be emailed upon registration.

  • Arrive Friday 3pm
  • Depart Sunday 12pm


Single: Queen (1 person per room)

Local LA Staycation (No Accommodations)

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