As I Am© Journal: Modern Goddess Edition

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This monthly (30-day) journal is based on the book, As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality, which presents a 21-day Dharma Zone program, designed to help you reconnect with your truest self, release limiting beliefs, heal from past traumas, understand scientific laws of Nature, rediscover your unique purpose, and learn to love yourself again.

This As I Am Journal, the Modern Goddess® edition is filled with inspiration, poetry, inspirational quotes, health tips, yoga, meditation, trauma recovery, psychology, healthy recipes, daily I AM affirmations, and thoughtful Mirror Theory exercises, together guiding you confidently on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-realization.

Each day will suggest an I AM theme, daily Walk, Yoga, Meditation and Self Care. You can follow the suggestions, or chose your own, but keep track in your journal of the duration, style and personal results.

Strengthen your connection to yourself with a daily journaling routine that includes diverse exercises structured to get your creative juices flowing, be boldly honest with yourself, clarify your dreams, and heal from the inside out.

Knowing your Self is crucial for living your best life because it lays the foundation for all of your healthy relationships and overall well-being. When you love and accept yourself, you are more likely to have positive relationships with others, and will likely make choices that align with your personality, values and goals.

Together we will dissolve past conditioning and re-connect our awareness in alignment with organic truth and reality - living As I Am.

MODERN GODDESS (NOUN): A self-sufficient, feminine human who honors Nature, is confident in Spirit and powerfully aligned with Truth. Her actions exude Integrity. She does not sell her Sacred Sexuality for profit or gain; it is her Sacred Power. Her choices are Authentic and Clear in Respecting all Life. She Flows in Divine Synchronicity and radiates Consciousness. Never sacrifice the Divinity of who You are. Live True.

Enjoy your journey, because life is all about the journey!

Let’s get started!

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