Selenite Skull or Sphere

$18.99 $45.99

Beautiful Selenite Skull (17 oz) or Sphere (1.5") from Morocco

These skulls would look even more stunning on a stand with a light underneath as shown in one of the pictures. Use it for your ancestors altar, or for its calming energy around your favorite crystals.

Please note some lines or crystal imperfections are present since these are carved into natural Selenite stone, these are occurring naturally.

Selenite can lift one’s awareness to higher planes of inner experience, making it possible for one to consciously meet one's spirit guides and guardian angels. It facilitates experience of receiving advice and information from one's guide in the form of interior movies.

Selenite is an excellent stone for building energy greets in one's home or outdoors. Selenite is the key that unlocks the door way to the etheric chakras. Once this doorway has been consciously open, the Higher Self is free to establish itself by grounding the Light Body of an individual, empowering one’s next step of evolution into Human/Light Beings. Selenite frequency is resonant with the crown chakra-opening, clearing an activating this energy center and transforming it into a gateway to the higher levels of self.

Plastic stand for SPHERE included with order.

**Do not clean Selenite with water. If placed in water, Selenite will revert to gypsum.**

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