Writers Retreat: 21 days to Create

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Join AZ I AM and Alanna Zabel for our deeply healing and productive 21-day Writers Retreat. Our objectives serve to mentor and build community among budding and prolific writers. For 21-days you are committed to a program, inspiration, creativity boosting exercises, self-care, and wellness. The result is potentially a finished manuscript, proposal or completed literary work. Readings, writing circles, and informal social gatherings are also scheduled during your 21-day program.

Through this Retreat, AZ I AM hopes to provide a safe and instructive environment that identifies and addresses the unique challenges faced by emerging writers, or even experienced writers with full schedules, families and other hobbies or jobs taking time away from completing a writing project.

Our 21-day Retreat takes place from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Your Wellness Excursion includes:

  • Daily writing sessions
  • Daily Master Class for Inspiration (Video)
  • Daily Inspirational Walks (Audio)
  • Daily Creative Relaxation + Meditation (Video or In-person)
  • Weekly Community Circles (In-person option)
  • Unlimited Yoga & Meditation at AZ I AM (In-person option)
  • Options for Discounted Hotel Stays  (In-person option)
  • Discounted Meal preparation program  (In-person option)
  • Discounted Wellness Treatments  (In-person option)
  • Discounted Sound Journeys and Events  (In-person option)

The Retreat: Get ready to feel good! AZ I AM's 3-day Cleanse, with added Elixirs and Superfoods combined with Yoga Sculpt + Fitness, Mind-Body re-wiring and healing practices - we've got you covered!

  • January 18 - February 16, 2023

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